About the Board

The Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Board of Putnam County, formally the "648 Board", formed in accordance with state statute in the late 60's. The Board members are made up of volunteers from Putnam County only. The volunteers are appointed by the County Commissioners and the Ohio Department of Mental Health Addiction Services.

The Board is the governing authority for the disbursement of federal, state, and local dollars for the purposes of mental health & drug and alcohol treatment and prevention. The priorities are developed by the Board to meet the local needs of our community.

The Board meets monthly to fulfill our county mission. From this mission statement goals are established to develop appropriate cost effective mental health and recovery services for those in need in Putnam County.

Services available to Putnam County residents through the Putnam County ADAMHS Board and providers network are:

Individual Counseling
Same-Day Assessments
Psychiatric Services
Socialization &
Skill Building
Drug Free Workplace Training & Support
Putnam Adolescent
Response Team for Youth

(Substance Abuse)

WRAP Around Services
Prevention Education
Employee Assistance
Suicide Prevention
Community Psychiatric
Support Services
Crisis Intervention
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Mental Health
First Aid Training
Pre-Employment & Random
Drug Screenings
Psychological Evaluations
Law Enforcement & Behavioral Health Linkage
Employment Services
Gambling Addiction
In-School Counseling
BWC Training
& Support
Psychological Testing
Violence Trauma Recovery
Human Trafficking
Survivor Recovery
Rape/Domestic Violence
24HR Response
Peer to Peer
Recovery Housing
Drug-Free Workforce
Group Counseling
Crisis Text Line
Opiate Task Force
Stepping Up Initiative

Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug services are necessary to benefit all citizens of Putnam County.

To provide the necessary funding for these services the ADAMHS Board receives funding from the following sources:

           • Federal- 14%
           • State- 34%
           • Local- 43%
           • Grant- 9%